Roma Jasmin Patel

My name is Roma Jasmin Patel, and I am a freshman at Brea Olinda High School. Currently, I am taking Wind Ensemble, GITA 1, Biology (H), Algebra 2/Trigonometry (H), Spanish 1, Literature and Composition 1 (H), and Soccer.

In GITA 1, we are learning the fundamentals of coding through C#. During my time at BOHS, I hope to continue to expand my knowledge around computer programming, computer science, and app/game development.

I am also involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities both on and off campus, which include Key Club, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, Soccer, and Cross Country. Over the summer, I am hoping to start a program to educate children on social justice issues from our past, and that we continue to face today.


Goodbye Program

3 September 2020

This program says goodbye in different languages, and displays that country's flag.

Help Page

7 September 2020

This program is an about page created using the visible property, the font and color dialogs, and changing the image.

Mailing Label

14 September 2020

This program demonstrates how to make a mailing label by concatenating the text in the text boxes.

Car Rental

23 September 2020

This program determines the cost of a car, and uses the user's input to tell them the cost of renting a car.


25 September 2020

Through the user's height and weight, the program calculates your BMI.

Car Rental Upgrade

29 September 2020

This program is an upgraded version of Car Rental, with new features that include radio buttons and checkboxes for user cutomizability.

Test Scores

1 October 2020

Using the user's test scores, this program calculates the letter grades of both, the highest score, and the average of the scores.

Craps Game

20 October 2020

This program, similar to the dice program, is a casino game that is based on the number you roll.

T-Shirt Program

29 October 2020

This program calculates and displays the amount due for an order and displays a shirt order that is user customizable. summary of all orders.

Slot Machine

13 November 2020

This program simulates a slot machine, through which you can bet sums of money, and win the jackpot!


1 December 2020

This program simulates rock-paper-scissors, allowing two people to play, and hiding one player's choice after they've selected.

San Francisco

Fish 1

8 December 2020

This program uses buttons to move a fish left and right, keeps track of its moves, and how many times it bumps the sides of the tank.

Fish 2D

5 January 2021

This program moves a fish left, right, up, and down using buttons or automatically. And, it counts the bumps to either side of the tank, the speed can be controlled by the user, and a shark that can eat the fish.


12 January 2021

This program uses a 3 by 3 array to simulate tic-tac-toe.


25 January 2021

This program uses the user's input as it calculates number sequences and their sums.

Basic AI

4 February 2021

This program uses basic AI to move the two characters, one by key presses and the other automatically.


17 February 2021

This program uses arrays to make it appear as though you are going through a star field.

Fish Aquarium

19 March 2021

This program uses an array to randomly move fish around the tank. The fish can be eaten by the shark, or the hook moving across the top of the screen.

Number Array

30 March 2021

This program calculates the highest, lowest, and average value of 5000 randomly generated numbers.


Burrow is a single-player game, in which the player builds themselves a burrow by navigating through the ground and collecting food and building blocks.